Projects done outside of work to learn new skills and have a little fun.

Gradient Magic

The largest gallery of CSS Gradients on the web. Still being updated with fantastic and unique gradients.


A fun little library of CSS blink animations. Created to learn a little more about CSS animations.

Escape Buttons

Buttons that are fiendishly hard to click. Mouse required for maximum frustration.

Evil CSS Gram

A library of Instagram like CSS image filters from a hell dimension

More Obnoxious CSS

Funny CSS animations based off of the original Obnoxious.CSS. Not practical, but a fun way to learn about CSS Animations!

Binge Browser

A unique tool that lets you "binge" content on popular websites. My first major web development project, not maintained anymore.

Codepen Pens

I really like Codepen for small "bite size" projects and fun experiments. There are a few of my favorites, you can see a more comprehensive list in my Codepen profile.

Personal Brand Generator

Tired of being a "Full-Stack Ninja", or a "Backend Wizard"? Use this tool to generate useful, weird, or just plain random labels to put on your resume.

CSS Grid-ient

Fun grid patterns made by combining repeating linear gradients. Options to control sizing, color, and a mysterious checkbox labeled "chaos".

Cool CSS Underline Effects

Cool underlines effects done entirely w/ CSS Gradients. No images or JS. My most popular pen.

The "Don't Follow Me" Button

A novel take on the Github follow button. Useful for avoiding pesky followers.

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