Jordan Marshall

Software engineer working and living in Virginia. I'm a creator, passionate about all the steps needed to build dynamic and useful applications, from requirements to code.

Side Projects

Projects of varying size done to learn new skills and have a little fun.

Gradient Magic

The largest gallery of CSS Gradients on the web. Still being updated with fantastic and unique gradients.


A fun little library of CSS blink animations. Created to learn a little more about CSS animations.

CSS Grid-ient

Fun grid patterns made by combining repeating linear gradients. Options to control sizing, color, and a mysterious checkbox labeled "chaos".

Personnel Brand Generator

Tired of being a "Full-Stack Ninja", or a "Backend Wizard"? Look no further. Use this tool to generate useful, weird, or just plain random labels to put on your resume.

More Obnoxious CSS

Funny CSS animations based off of the original Obnoxious.CSS. Not practical, but a fun way to learn about CSS Animations!

Binge Browser

A unique tool that lets you "binge" content on popular websites. My first major web development project, not maintained anymore.