Ever since deciding to put serious effort into my own website I’ve become fascinated with other developer blogs. It started as a search for design ideas, but gradually turned into a more holistic process that had me reading heavily and learning more than I ever expected.

When I started out, there was no great list or directory of developer blogs. Each site seemed to live on its own island in a vast ocean, only surfacing briefly on Hackernews or Reddit. I decided it would be helpful to both myself and others if there was a big authoritative list, so I put one together. I’ve since realized lots of developers have their own lists (see below), so I now think of this as my personal map for an uncharted sea.

The criteria for this list is subjective, and boils down to a combination of having interesting content, good design, or both. If you think your site should be listed, let me know. I can’t promise to add it, but I’ll take a look (and give you feedback if you want).

Personal Favorites

Most are more aligned with my interests (frontend development, design, career, entrepreneurship) and/or have great design.

Other Notables

Great blogs, but not as closely aligned to my interests.

Where to Find More